Welcome to a new series for the STN blog! Team members from STN outreaches will be answering some questions to share the highlights and lessons from their trips with you! Emmaus Church recently adopted the Afro-Ecuadorians and took their first trip there earlier this year. 

Is this your first trip or one of many missions trips? Was it your first time at this location?
Not my first mission trip, but my first time at this location

What was the biggest lesson the Lord taught you on your trip?
Let Him lead you.

What’s the one memory you never want to forget?
So many! Meeting significant people such as the pastor, Lady (a 16 year old), the children…

What was the most difficult that happened on the trip?
Mosquito bites.

What message would you most like the church here to understand about this trip?
It’s all about relationships.

What was the one moment where you mostly clearly saw the Lord moving and working?
Our first day in Borbon, when literally every person we talked to was piggy backing off a conversation from the last encounter. It was like we were putting puzzle pieces together. Then our very last encounter was meeting the pastor from a church there.

Is there one or a few scriptures that embodies your trip? Ezekiel 16. We were rescued, we have turned to other things to satisfy us, Jesus wants us back. We belong to Him. It’s never too late to return.

Are there any other stories you want to share?
I also loved singing worship songs with the women our last night in Borbon when we had dinner with the pastors family. I felt like I could literally feel the Holy Spirit blowing through us in a wind.