_MG_0579Let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the discerning get guidance – Proverbs 1:5.                As you step over the dusty threshold, you will enter a new world.  While in the village you will have to learn to filter water, cook over a fire and sleep in the dirt.  Oh, and do not forget the challenge of bathing and using the ‘squatty potty’!  After you have set up camp, it will be time to learn about the land you have entered.  Your team will receive training about the food, dress, customs and faux pas of your temporary home.

You will begin to understand the people and the challenges you will face as you bring the Gospel to them. Those challenges will be met by strategic evangelism and discipleship training.  On the “Unreached People Trail of Tears,” your team will learn to intercede for the nations through prayer-walking.  Your team will set up and show evangelistic videos, like the Jesus Film or Hope, and practice storying the Gospel from “Creation to Christ.”

As your time at the camp comes to a close, you will wrap up with team-building exercises on the challenge course and learn to conquer your fears through relying on your team.  But most importantly, during the course of this weekend, you’ll experience an invaluable lesson of relying on your Creator.



    When traveling to the ends of the Earth to share the good news there are many challenges. School to the Nations has developed a safe place for the mission-hearted to grow and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Village Details
• Authentic compound walls
• A village house
• Live animals
• Fire Pit
• Tribal artifacts
• Water source
• Courtyard sitting logs
• “Squatty Potty” and lime pit for bathroom needs
Training Details
• Survival skills
• How to set up camp
• Cultural evangelism and discipleship
• Team unity preparation
• Jesus Film
• Cultural food preparation and social norms
• Intercessory prayer and prayer-walking
• Training in ‘storying’ the Gospel
• Basic field health and hygiene
Programs and Pricing
• Spiritual, cultural, and
physical field training
• Strategic evangelism, compassion and discipleship training
• Team-building ropes course
• All camp equipment included
3 Day Essentials Training
$55 per person
7 Day Extensive Training
$95 per person