Missiology Training

Missiological Training

Missiology is a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural reflection on all aspects of the proclamation of the Gospel. At School to the Nations, wehave a curriculum that covers the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspective of missions. Students going through the course will build a philosophy of missions beginning with God’s commands and building to the specifics of individual outreaches. During the training, students wrestle with the issues and struggles facing mission work around the world and they are challenged to be innovators in the field.



Village Experience Training

We now have two training villages on campus offering two very different experiences that will aid in preparing to go on the mission field:

Tribal Training Village

30964_10151244026637270_1359013839_n“Kelunka” means “listen” in the South Indian language of Tamil. But what does it mean to truly listen? As bold followers answer the call to go and work in the harvest, we face the danger of self-confidence. In the past and still today, proud hearts flounce into foreign lands as a beacon of all that is worthy and true. We cease listening and move on our own strength and agenda. At Kelunka, we strive to harness the power of authentically listening to our team, the natives we will meet, and most importantly the authentic beacon of all that is worthy and true. Built as a replica African village, this training will prepare any team traveling to a village culture. From dirt floors, to cooking over the open fire, the Kelunka training village will teach your team what cross-cultural living is all about.


Jungle Training Village

Built in the secluded trees on our campus, this training village will bring the village culture in Southeast Asia alive for any team preparing to go. Designed nearly nail for nail after a house that a STN team stayed in on a recent trip, this experience will provide the opportunity to take a step into an unknown world and prepare for an outreach both physically and spiritually.

When your team arrives in one of our villages you will be immersed in a missional mindset. Whether you are going to a remote village or a big city, these villages are a place to come together as a team and learn how to overcome the physical, emotional and spiritual battles of the field. Each training is customized to the individual team needs, but every visit includes training on cross cultural interactions, facing spiritual warfare, team unity, the art of listening, strategic evangelism and intentional prayer.  Our prayer is that through this experience, your team can walk onto the mission field unified and prepared so that God may receive Glory from all peoples.



Weekend Training Includes
A Stay Training Materials Team Building
Stay a weekend in the village and experience another way of life firsthand Receive customized training from field experienced facilitators Receive relevant training materials Spend a full day on our ropes course building team skills

Please email us for more information on designing and scheduling your teams experience.