A leader on our deaf team in Asia writes this:

Our day began before any roosters had crowed. Nothing went as we had expected. Our new deaf friend Kody, wanted to show us around. As I walked down the crowded streets my heart broke for the people around me. Sodom and Gomorrah is all I could think of. This must have been what it looked like. Masses of people completely given into their desires. Not enough, your love is not enough… these words taunted me. My love wasn’t enough to break through that hellish place, I couldn’t share the Gospel with all of them; but I could start with one, so I started with Kody.

Caught in a rain storm and huddled together. From extreme heat to extreme cold. Thirty minutes later I climbed back onto the motor cycle. “Do you want to eat? Are you thirsty?.” Kody asked me. Everything in me wanted to say NO! Take me home! I am exhausted, sun burned, and I have been up since 5am, but I didn’t say any of that. Doesn’t matter. Just one sign. When everything in me wanted to scream that it did matter, the Holy Spirit kept those words from escaping.

Kody starting asking questions about the Lord. He is the first Deaf person I’ve met who seemed enamored by the Gospel and who was seeking earnestly to learn more. We took turns sharing our testimonies and answering all his questions with stories from the bible. During the night my eye sight failed me. I was not enough, my strength was not enough, but the strength the Lord is sufficient; and it was His strength that restored my sight in the time I needed it.

Our Gospel discussion lasted 2 hours; only because the restaurant closed at 2am. At the end of our night Kody said, “Why is my heart pounding? It is pounding so fast! Can Muslims and Buddhist change? Can they become Christians?” We responded enthusiastically that they could! Kody ended our conversation telling us that he was going to think about all the stories that he had heard. We know that he is not alone and has strong Deaf believers to answers his questions and share more about our amazing Savior!

Continue to pray with me that Kody would come to know the Father!