Shuar People Group, Ecuador

How are we involved?

In 2014 we hope to send a team of people to Ecuador, South America to bring the Gospel to the Shuar people. We have a contact living near this area and hope that we are able to partner with them as we continue to take the Gospel to the unreached places on the Earth.

Who are the Shuar People?

The Shuar are one of several indigenous tribal groups which reside in the SouthEastern portion of Ecuador, a jungle/rainforest area. The Shuar gained notoriety for their custom of shrinking heads of victims. Eventually Ecuador had to outlaw the practice because the popularity of buying shrunken heads as souvenirs was driving the practice to continue. The group has been fiercely agressive and independent enough to fend off colonization by the Spanish. Previously the Shuar were nomadic, but have since established themselves in permanent dwellings.


What are their beliefs?

The larger Shuar community retain animistic beliefs, however in the past 10 years missionaries have visited and have shared the Gospel but there are many Shuar people who have not heard.

What are their needs?

Pray that the hearts of the Shuar people will be opened to God’s love and to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That their animistic beliefs, which holds them in bondage, will be exposed as false and that they would begin to serve the one, true God.

Pray for future teams who will visit these people. Pray for open doors and for safety as they live in the jungle.