Deaf of Botswana 


Because of the great need of the Gospel among the Deaf in Botswana we have targeted this people group who are in desperate need of Jesus. We have sent teams comprised of both deaf and hearing believers who have spent time in schools and churches ministering not only to the deaf who are often forgotten but also to the teachers and workers who give countless hours to help these men, women, and children. We see a bright future as we partner with these national churches and help train deaf believers to share the Gospel.


There are 35 million Deaf scattered across the globe, and they are considered to be some of the least reached of the unreached people groups. Imagine growing up in a world of utter silence. You may have never heard the words “I love you.” The inability to hear robs the deaf of comforts we take for granted, but far more importantly, it frequently robs them of knowing God’s great message of love and salvation. Many of the Deaf around the world are seen as being oppressed, ostracized, and even “unredeemable” by some. This is very much the understanding of the Deaf in Africa, but it is far from the truth. The stigma placed upon these people makes life difficult and labels them as outcasts. These people are often full of fear and longing for hope. They are waiting to hear the Good News in their own heart language.



  • For the Lord to send more workers to share the Gospel with the Deaf
  • Strength and perseverance for the teachers and workers who often are discouraged and exhausted from caring for the Deaf
  • For the Lord to open doors to continue to bring the Gospel into these schools and communities and that those who hear the Gospel will respond


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