IMG_0148We are so excited for this year’s International Day, an annual event that serves to welcome students from across the world to Southwest Missouri. Students will experience the unique sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Ozarks through music, food, activities, informational booths and the warm welcome from local residents. Our goal is to create an environment where international students can feel a little more at home in their new surroundings.

The audience is approximately 400 international students who are new to the area and over 200 local volunteers and others to welcome the students to their home for the year.

International Day of SW Missouri partners with Missouri State and Drury’s International Student Services to welcome new students. A variety of booths welcome the students with gifts, entertainment and a chance to build authentic relationships. An opportunity is also provided for students to meet local safety officers and businesses as a way to orient the students to their new home. Most importantly, however, we strive to greet the nations with lasting friendships.

Please pray for the success of this event and that each student will feel welcomed and excited for the new school year, and that they will be led to Christ through friendships and connections with local churches and college groups!