Welcome to School to the Nations where we are penetrating the final frontiers for the glory of Jesus by mobilizing the next generation to the nations!


Penetrating the final frontiers encompasses that calling that we are to go where the name of Jesus is unknown, to the darkest places on earth, so that  “…they who had no news of Him shall see, and they who have not heard shall understand,” (Romans 15:21). There are well over 6,000 Unreached People Groups – these are the nations who are waiting to hear His name!  Our goal is to build relationships among the people of our fields and lead them to His salvation, love, and hope for the glory of Jesus as well as plant national churches among each people group.  All people were created to love and be loved by God and the salvation of the nations glorifies God in all the earth. We go about this great work by mobilizing the next generation to the nations.  Simply put, we facilitate a Discipleship School, a college Bible study, and missional training to train and send young people to the nations.


From an inner-city kids camp to a sending agency reaching over thirteen unreached fields, School to the Nations is becoming a strong vessel that the Lord is propelling across the globe. When this organization began in 1990 it was a complete step of faith, a step that continues to be the driving force behind all that STN does to reach unreached people groups around the world for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Nestled on a bluff in Southwest Missouri, STN trains, equips, and sends teams out to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are without hope. Currently there are thirteen fields that STN is invested in globally and the number is growing. The mission is clear, the call to “Go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28) spurs this organization to use God-given gifts to bring the lost to Jesus.