Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts. Psalms 105: 1-2


I am sitting in a video recording studio in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand as I write to you. I have just returned from working in another country high in the mountain regions with an extremely remote and unreached tribal group that is yet to have even one believer among them. But God is working in supernatural ways as we continue to plow these fields and plant the good Word of the Gospel among them! This was an extremely hard outreach to say the least! While in the mountain jungles, a historical cold front descended upon us and heavy rains as well. We literally had to pack out quickly in order to drive for 7-8 hours out the mountains as the roads became nearly impassable, we were only stuck twice which is a miracle. But we were still able to get to this remote people and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them once again! Please continue to pray for the mountain people of South East Asia!

Our central focus this month for all our partners is on the Hope video project that you have helped us reach our goal in order to move it towards production. IMG_1426


This video project has the potential of giving viewing access to at least 7 million within its target country not including those dispersed all over the world. We are networking globally to ensure that this people everywhere on the globe will have an opportunity or access to this powerful gospel video in their own language. Because of you and your faithful partnership with STN you will hear someday of the multitudes that came to faith in Jesus!!!

This is not done by STN alone, God has joined us together with great Kingdom-minded partners such as Ridgecrest Baptist, Missouri Baptist, and the IMB and our main production studio partnership Freedom Films Productions in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It is such an honor to actually be on site in the studio in Chiang Mai for this historical event of this video making which is already in over 100 languages and now being produced in the language of the mountain peoples for the glory of Jesus among the many people groups in that country!



Please pray for the studio productions and those narrating in their own tongue this month and the final completion and strategic release of the movie. Thank you so much for your constant faithfulness to Christ and STN as we continue to penetrate the Final Frontiers for the Glory of Jesus!